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The power of many. The strenght of one. Lawlink is a network of 18 law firms from around New Zealand who share ideas, resources and business processes. By harnessing and enhancing best practices from around the Lawlink network, each firm is able to effectively support its people to be better lawyers and to deliver a great client experience - every time! As part of our service, through lawlink we can produce a range of legal publications designed to alert our clients to legal developments that may affect their businesses. You can use the search box on thier website to carry out a text search of all the publications on the Lawlink website.
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Who is Lawlink?

Lawlink is a network of 18 independent law firms, located throughout New Zealand, who compete in different marketplaces. As independent firms, members see the value in sharing ideas, resources and business processes. They benefit from enhanced buying power, as well as access to best practice and a broader network of experts. Each firm is proud to maintain its individual brand identity while enjoying the advantages of Lawlink membership. Our member firms say that Lawlink is more than a national network - it is a 'family' where there is always someone in the network to turn to.

What do we do?

The Lawlink network links approximately 400 lawyers and 352 support staff. The board sets the strategy which is executed through the national office. By sharing expertise and know-how, Lawlink firms can enhance the service they provide to their clients. The role of the national office is to connect our members and facilitate this sharing of information. We do this by managing the Lawlink precedent collection, and offering access to an extensive range of electronic library resources and our research services. Lawlink also helps member firms to realise economies of scale in terms of procurement and looks for opportunities to grow our firms' businesses.

How do our members benefit?

One of the key benefits of membership is the opportunity for staff at all levels to build relationships with their peers at other member firms, giving them the chance to discuss legal matters and new industry developments as well as policies and procedures. At our annual conference and during meetings of special interest groups, member firms come together to benchmark their management, HR and IT processes, and to keep up to date with leading industry practices. Members can also access a large number of valuable precedents, which are updated on a regular basis, as well as different management practices and a wide variety of library resources. Read more